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Paris Coffee Project is a documentary series from Gar Hoover and Beth Hoover about the specialty coffee movement that is rapidly changing the world's most celebrated cafe culture. 

Baristas | Specialty Coffee in Paris

Good coffee in Paris. Paris Coffee Project is a documentary series from writer/director Gar Hoover & writer/producer Beth Hoover of ideafarm films.

Meet the rebels who are revolutionizing the coffee scene in Paris.

They're coffee aficionados. Serial entrepreneurs. World travelers. Iconoclasts. Meet the rock stars of the New Wave specialty coffee scene in Paris. They're fueling a movement that is forever changing a city beloved for its café culture, but not the coffee itself. Some are influenced by the Aussie coffee scene, others by the American independents, still others Nordic Europe. And the Paris Coffee Project is talking to them.

Watch interview clips from top New Wave café owners in Paris.

Get a feel for the passion and mission of the leaders of the specialty coffee movement in Paris: business-minded owners and baristas driven to shake up a coffee scene steeped in tradition. Follow the Paris Coffee Project on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to be alerted to the latest clips.

In CLIP 1, Café Loustic owner Channa Galhenage puts forth his theory that good taste is the true Mother of Invention.

In CLIP 2, Channa talks about creating an independent, but decidedly French, café.