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Paris Coffee Project is a documentary series from Gar Hoover and Beth Hoover about the specialty coffee movement that is rapidly changing the world's most celebrated cafe culture. 

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Good coffee in Paris. Paris Coffee Project is a documentary series from writer/director Gar Hoover & writer/producer Beth Hoover of ideafarm films.

A documentary series about the specialty coffee revolution in Paris.

For the better part of two decades, Paris resisted the specialty coffee boom that swept the globe. Now a passionate band of coffee rebels are opening hip little indie coffee shops, each of them determined to bring good coffee and a fresh vibe to the world's most celebrated café culture.
Paris Coffee Project is a series that captures this revolutionary moment — the moment when the New Wave cafés took Paris by storm.

Paris. A city considered to be among the best on the planet for wine, food, beauty and style. But the coffee in Paris? The City of Light's dirty little secret, long known to those who love coffee, is that the stuff served in Paris' 7,000 traditional cafés, charm aside, is in the words of one New York Times reviewer "ashy swill." Until recently, Parisian specialty coffee meant Starbucks or Nespresso. Many locals assumed latte art was machine-made. And the term barista? It didn't exist.

But that's changing. In one of the world's most expensive cities, a close-knit group of baristas are bringing together Aussie, American and Scandi influences to create a new style of French café. So ideafarm sent a crew to talk to the revolutionaries that are leading the charge in a city that's arriving late to the artisanal coffee party. These are the upstart Davids vs. the Goliath of a centuries-old café system, and this is their story. Watch videos going inside a few of these new wave cafés.