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Paris Coffee Project is a documentary series from Gar Hoover and Beth Hoover about the specialty coffee movement that is rapidly changing the world's most celebrated cafe culture. 

Blog | Specialty Coffee in Paris

Good coffee in Paris. Paris Coffee Project is a documentary series from writer/director Gar Hoover & writer/producer Beth Hoover of ideafarm films.

see what the outspoken owner of café loustic has to say about coffee in paris — the good, the bad, the undrinkable.

Gary Hoover

In the first clip (01:00), Café Loustic owner-barista Channa Galhenage puts forth his theory that where coffee is concerned good taste is the Mother of Invention, and compares the close-knit specialty coffee community in Paris to the late '40s jazz scene in New York. In the second (01:16), Channa talks about how he and his fellow coffee provocateurs in Paris are intent on creating independent, but decidedly French, cafés that will appeal to locals and traveling coffee lovers alike.

Read interview transcripts: Clip 1 and Clip 2.