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Paris Coffee Project is a documentary series from Gar Hoover and Beth Hoover about the specialty coffee movement that is rapidly changing the world's most celebrated cafe culture. 

Blog | Specialty Coffee in Paris

Good coffee in Paris. Paris Coffee Project is a documentary series from writer/director Gar Hoover & writer/producer Beth Hoover of ideafarm films.

belleville brûlerie owners thomas lehoux and anselme blayney talk making a coffee scene, the domination of nespresso and more.

Gary Hoover

In the first clip (01:32), Thomas LeHoux, who owns new Paris roaster Belleville Brûlerie with partners Anselme Blayney and David Flynn, talks about his dream of one day making Paris the kind of world-class coffee destination that San Francisco, Portland and Melbourne are today. In clip 2 (01:53), Anselme discusses Nespresso's popularity in Paris and the need to change the French perception of filtered coffee as "sock juice." Anselme is also a partner in Le Bal, a renowned restaurant in Paris credited with being the first to serve specialty coffee.

Read interview transcripts: Clip 1 (Thomas) and Clip 2 (Anselme).